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Vessel Name:WAKATU
Vessel ID: 1064818
Official No: 64818
Vessel Type: Steamer
Tonnage: 95
Vessel Abstract: P.51. Date of Casualty: 20 December 1917. Vessel's Name, Age, and Class: WAKATU, ss, 38 years. Rig: Schooner. Register Tonnage: 95. Number of Crew: 12. Nature of Cargo: General. Nature of Casualty: Collision; no damage. Place where Casualty occurred: No 3 Wharf, Lyttelton. Wind Direction: N E. Wind Force: Light. Finding of Court of Inquiry: When approaching the wharf HIMITANGI's anchor fouled the stem of the WAKATU. Name of Master: J Wills.
Significant Date: 20 December 1917

Source: [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1918   Pages H.15: 47-52 ( Reference ID 99993053 )
Article Title:[Shipping casualties & wrecks, April 1917 to March 1918. (Full transcriptons)]
Article Abstract:Source is a list entitled "Return of wrecks and casualties to shipping reported to the Marine Department from the 1st April, 1917, to the 31st March, 1918." Entries are transcribed and indexed, with the addition of offical ship numbers where available. Names of victims of marine casualties are indexed, plus selected vessel Masters, the basis for selection being that they are not listed in the "Watt Index" for these events, (though they may appear in connection with others.)


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