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Vessel Name:WEKA
Vessel ID: 1037115
Official No: 37115
Vessel Type: Steamer
Tonnage: 90 gross
Owner: Richardson and Company
Built: 1883
Builder: Luke and Company, Wellington
Vessel Abstract: In Richardson and Company fleet from 1883 to 1916.
Illustration: P.15. View of the WEKA at anchor in the middle distance. [From Union Steam Ship Company]. P.25. WEKA alongside at Port Ahuriri in the right background of a photo which shows several people on the wharf, wearing early 20th century clothing. Image of the vessel is somewhat dark. [From Alexander Turnbull Library]. P87. Somewhat distant view of WEKA on some celebratory occasion, as she is dressed with flags and both the vessel and adjacent wharf are crowded with people.Clear image but slightly dark. [From Wellington Harbour Board Maritime Museum]. P.88. Small line drawing of the WEKA. P.90.View of the WEKA on the slip way at Napier early in her career. Good view of the hull. [From Hawke's Bay Art Gallery and Museum]. P.133. Very small picture of the WEKA in a reproduction of some pages of "New Zealand Shipping and Commerce.". Annual Review, 1914.

Source: Richardsons of Napier 1989 ( Reference ID 888810027 )
Article Title:[Illustrations of named persons and vessels in 'Richardsons of Napier.']
Article Abstract:Illustrations only of named vessels or persons in this source have been indexed here. All images are black & white unless stated otherwise. Detailed information about the vessels is available in the source which contains a fleet list for Richardson and Company.


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