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Vessel ID: 599990215
Vessel Type: Ship
Tonnage: 400
Where Built: Great Barrier Island
Region Built: Auckland
Vessel Abstract: P.18. Mention in the reminiscences of William Field Porter that his family's brig brought gear over for the STIRLINGSHIRE from Australia in 1841, while she was being built at Neigle's Cove, Great Barrier Island. Mention's Charles & William Abercrombie who had a business interest in the vessel and Captain Neigle who supervised the construction.

Source: [Notes on Captain Field Porter and family]   Pages 1-26 ( Reference ID 999990113 )
Article Title:[Emigration of the Porter family to Australia and then New Zealand]
Article Abstract:BIOGRAPHY FILE: PORTER, William Field
Written in Huntly, in September 1907, these are the reminiscences of William Field Porter about his family's emigration from Liverpool in their vessels PORTER and DORSET in 1838, and their journey onward to New Zealand in 1841.


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