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Vessel Name:OLGA
Vessel ID: 549030173
Vessel Type: Trawler
Tonnage: 1,535
Owner: Eystrasalt h/f, Latvia
Built: 1973
Vessel Abstract: 1980s operated in N.Z. waters. Later returned to U.K. and was chartered by Royal Navy for training. 2000 sold by Benella Ltd to Eytrasalt h/f, Latvia and renamed OLGA.
Significant Date: 2000

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2000 Volume 49 Number 3   Page 149 ( Reference ID 4903039 )
Article Title:Nautical News: "Cordella"
Article Abstract:Trawler CORDELLA, which operated in N.Z. waters in the 1980s, sold in 2000.


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