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Vessel ID: 8613293
IMO/LR No: 8613293
Vessel Type: Tanker
Tonnage: 50,600 dwt.
Where Built: Lindo, Denmark
Vessel Abstract: Built as ELEO MAERSK. 1992 renamed OLGA MAERSK. Nov 2002 sold to BP Australia and renamed JACARANDA.
Significant Date: Nov 2002

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2003 Volume 51 Number 2   Pages 98-99 ( Reference ID 5102046 )
Article Title:Nautical News: BP Australia Tankers
Article Abstract:Two tankers which have been regular callers at New Zealand ports during the last few years were purchased by BP Australia in November 2002 and renamed. They have become JACARANDA and JAPONICA and placed under the Bahamas flag. They will have Australian crews under ASP Ship Management.


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