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Vessel ID: 1143683
Official No: 143683
Tonnage: 6,589 gross
Built: 1920
Date of Fate: 30 Mar 1944
Type of Fate: Torpedoed and gunned
Vessel Abstract:

Visited Auckland 2 times between 25 Nov 1922 and 27 Apr 1929

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Source: Auckland Shipping Movements ( Reference ID 10100000 )
Article Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
Article Abstract:Ship arrivals (and sometimes departures) for the Port of Auckland. Primarily taken from Auckland Harbour Board records 1922 to 1985 and Ports of Auckland records from 1991 to 31 October 2009, but with some additions from other sources. The database contains details of over 70,000 ship arrivals The New Zealand Maritime Index on the web currently contains a summary record for each vessel. Detail records for each visit will be put online at a future date.


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