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Vessel ID: 1054008
Official No: 54008
Vessel Type: Tug
Owner: Devonport Steam Ferry Company
Built: 1878
Builder: Laird Brothers, Birkenhead
Engine: Steam twin diagonal compound engines.
Date of Fate: 5 Oct 1955
Type of Fate: Beached
Place of Fate: Lagoon Bay, Takat Peninsular.
Region of Fate: Auckland region
Vessel Abstract: Paddle tug built for Lyttelton Harbour Board. She made her way out to New Zealand under sail rigged as a brig, arriving at Lyttelton 21 Nov 1878. Whilst in service she was involved in several notable salvage feats. 1901 reboilered. Sep 1907 sold to Devonport Steam Ferry Company. 1912 sold to Kauri Timber Company and was active between Whangaroa and Coromandel ports towing rafts of kauri logs. 1941 laid up inside the Western Viaduct. 1945 superstructure destroyed in fire. 5 Oct 1955 towed north and run ashore at Lagoon Bay, Takatu Peninsular, for use as a shingle hopper. When shingle trade ceased mid-1970s the hull was left to become slowly buried in the shingle drifts.
Significant Date: Sep 1907
Illustration: Cover B&W photograph of tug underway.

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Source: New Zealand Marine News 1994 Volume 43 Number 1   Pages 15-24 ( Reference ID 43010004 )
Article Title:The Name through the Years 36: "Lyttelton"
Article Abstract:"It is not surprising that the name of the principal port of the province of Canterbury should have been borne by a number of ships, though for the last century it has been confined to harbour service vessels.

The article gives details of the various vessels that have carried the name LYTTELTON.


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