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Vessel Name:HOLMWOOD
Vessel ID: 1132280
Official No: 132280
Vessel Type: Coaster
Tonnage: 546 gross
Owner: Southern Traders Limited
Built: 1911
Builder: Goole Shipbuilding and Repairing Company, Goole
Engine: Triple Expansion steam
Date of Fate: 25 Nov 1940
Type of Fate: Destroyed by enemy action
Place of Fate: Near Chatham Islands
Region of Fate: Chatham Islands
Vessel Abstract: 1911 built as TEES. 1924 sold to Westland Shipping Company, Greymouth. Aug 1940 bought by Southern Traders, and renamed HOLMWOOD.
Significant Date: 8 Aug 1940

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Source: Fair Winds and Rough Seas. The story of the Holm Shipping Company 1975   Pages 230-245 ( Reference ID 800010061 )
Article Title:Fair Winds and Rough Seas - Fleet List
Article Abstract:Summary of Appendix B of the book, which contains comprehensive details of the vessels owned, managed and chartered by the Holm Shipping Company


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