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Vessel Name:ECHO
Vessel ID: 588882187
Vessel Type: Yacht (24-footer)
Built: 1900
Builder: James Clare
Illustration: P.85. Under sail.

Source: Southern breeze. A history of yachting in New Zealand. 1999 ( Reference ID 888810071 )
Article Title:[Images of named persons and vessels from 'Southern breeze. A history of yachting in New Zealand.']
Article Abstract:Illustrations of named persons and vessels only indexed. Images are black and white unless stated otherwise.
The source includes appendices listing details of significant historic mullet boats and the winners over the years of the following trophies: Sanders Cup, Cornwell Cup, J J Giltinan Trophy, Moffat Cup, Naomi James Challenge Trophy, Tauranga Cup, Tanner Cup, Noel Cole Trophy, Leander Trophy, and the Silasec Trophy.


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