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Vessel Name:ECHO
Vessel ID: 1118978
Official No: 118978
Vessel Type: Scow
Owner: J Gisbey
Vessel Abstract: Formerly owned by T. Eckford, Blenheim and recently by J Gisbey of Stewart Island. Called Lyttelton Mar 1966 from Chatham Islands where she had been stationed as a mother ship for 3 dories engaged in crayfishing. Slipped at Lyttelton, and sold to R A Mason of Picton, who plans to preserve the vessel.
Significant Date: Mar 1966

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1966 Volume 18 Number 1   Pages 28-29 ( Reference ID 1801064 )
Article Title:Port News: Lyttelton. ECHO
Article Abstract:Brief mention of the vessel and ownership.


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