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Vessel ID: 5014123
IMO/LR No: 5014123
Vessel Type: Cruise ship
Tonnage: 30 000 gross
Owner: Chandris Line
Built: 1939
Builder: Newport News Shipbuilding and Dry Dock Company, Newport News,Virginia
Engine: Geared turbine
Vessel Abstract: Used as a troop ship in 1941. Taken over by the United States Navy in 1942 and re-named WESTPOINT. Back to original name in 1946. Bought by Chandris in 1964. Original owners: United States Lines. 16 Nov 1965 called Wellington. Article contains a detailed description of the vessel.
Significant Date: 16 Nov 1965

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Source: New Zealand Marine News 1966 Volume 17 Number 4   Pages 126-8 ( Reference ID 1704129 )
Article Title:Port News: Wellington
Article Abstract:General news about the Port of Wellington. At the end of the first year of operation for the Overseas Passenger Terminal 31 passenger vessels had used the berth, plus 20 freighters waiting for berths. 30 Dec 1965 saw 3 passenger vessels in port at the same time.


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