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Vessel ID: 5014123
IMO/LR No: 5014123
Vessel Type: Passenger ship
Tonnage: 33,961 gross
Owner: Chandris Lines
Built: 1940
Vessel Abstract: 1965 the former AMERICA has been renamed AUSTRALIS and is being refitted at Piraeus for the Australia/New Zealand service. Passenger accommodation is being increased from 1,046 to 2,300.
Significant Date: 1965

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Source: New Zealand Marine News 1965 Volume 16 Number 4   Pages Cover, 116, 121-126 ( Reference ID 1604017 )
Article Title:Port News: Wellington
Article Abstract:Events around the port of Wellington over the past few months. Overseas passenger terminal opened 7 Dec 1964. interesting ships that called, heavy lift for floating dock, casualties, and future roll on, roll off plans.


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