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Vessel ID: 599990153
Vessel Type: Ship
Tonnage: 1,450
Date of Fate: 1 July 1875
Type of Fate: Wrecked
Region of Fate: Pacific islands or ocean
Vessel Abstract: The wreck of the ship STRATHMORE of Dundee on one of the Crozet Islands, is described in a diary kept by the second mate who was among the survivors.

Source: The loss of the STRATHMORE 1876   Pages 1 - 15 ( Reference ID 999990137 )
Article Title:The seven month's residence on one of the Crozet Islands. Diary of the second mate.
Article Abstract:Transcription of the diary kept by the second mate of the STRATHMORE, Thomas B Peters, while he and other survivors from her passengers & crew were shipwrecked on one of the Crozet Islands for 7 months. The ship had been en route from London to Otago.


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