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Vessel ID: 1076506
Official No: 76506
Vessel Type: Hulk
Vessel Abstract: P.24. Mentioned in a Marine Department report of vessels inspected during the year ending March 1919. One of a number of vessels restored to seagoing status from having been hulks or laid up. The barque GLADBROOK was previously a hulk of the name COUNTY OF ANGLESEY. Gives details of the repairs and alterations done to put her back into commission.
Significant Date: 1918

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Source: [Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1919   Pages H.15: 1 - 27 ( Reference ID 99993045 )
Article Title:[General statement of the 1919 Annual Report of the Marine Department]
Article Abstract:A general statement of the work of the Marine Department in the year ending 31 March 1919. Includes brief mentions of persons in some way involved with the activities of the department. These have been indexed, in most cases with a full extraction of any relevant details associated with them. Part of the annual report of the Marine Department also includes technical details of some of the vessels surveyed by officials of the department during the course of the year. These have been briefly indexed but for full details it will be necessary to consult the annual report itself.


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