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Vessel Name:WAIKATO
Vessel ID: 588880969
Vessel Type: Sailing ship
Tonnage: 1,053 gross
Owner: New Zealand Shipping Company
Built: 1874
Builder: J Blumer and Company, Sunderland
Illustration: P.63. Middle distance view of WAIKATO in Port Chalmers dry dock. [Alexander Turnbull Library] P.64 - 65. Engraving depicting WAIKATO forcing a passage through pack ice, 26 July 1878. [From 'The Graphic', London, October 1878]

Source: The sailing ships of the NZ Shipping Co 1873-1900. 1972 ( Reference ID 888810031 )
Article Title:[Vessels' & persons' images in 'The sailing ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company 1873 - 1900]
Article Abstract:Illustrations of named vessels and persons only have been indexed. Images are black and white unless stated otherwise. Note: the author of this work was himself a director of the New Zealand Shipping Company.


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