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Vessel ID: 8123066
IMO/LR No: 8123066
Vessel Type: Research ship
Owner: Stoney Creek Shipping Company Limited
Where Built: Japan
Vessel Abstract: BRAVEHEART was formerly GENKAI and a running mate of SOUTHERN SALVOR. She has a good reputation for reliability and seaworthiness in New Zealand and Antarctic waters.
Significant Date: 14 May 2005
Illustration: Colour photograph of SOUTHERN SALVOR and BRAVEHEART alongside at Tauranga. 14 May 2005 by Victor Young

Source: Ships Monthly 2006 Volume 41 Number 2   Pages 26 - 30 ( Reference ID 8003005 )
Article Title:Southern Ocean Commute
Article Abstract:A description of a voyage from New Zealand to Pitcairn Island with supplies in April 2005. The voyage was the third by the oil rig support vessel SOUTHERN SALVOR. At Pitcairn all the supplies have to be landed by small barge or longboat - a hazardous business. The article covers the recent history of Pitcairn Island which has no regular ships calling. At one time it was a regular call for New Zealand bound passenger ships and then Blue Star container ships took over until withdrawn a few years ago.

The island has a population of 50, no airstrip and only a small jetty which is currently being improved.


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