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Vessel Name:TITANIA
Vessel ID: 1105963
Official No: 105963
Vessel Type: Barquentine
Tonnage: 1,107
Owner: Holm Shipping Company Limited
Built: 1895
Date of Fate: 1914
Type of Fate: Wrecked
Place of Fate: Noumea
Region of Fate: Pacific islands or ocean
Vessel Abstract: 1912 purchased by Captain Ferdinand Holm.
Significant Date: 1912
Illustration: Page 33. Fair B&W photograph of vessel, not under sail.

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Source: Fair Winds and Rough Seas. The story of the Holm Shipping Company 1975 ( Reference ID 800010060 )
Article Title:Fair Winds and Rough Seas - List of Illustrations
Article Abstract:A list of the vessels illustrated in the book. The list was built for the New Zealand Maritime Index.


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