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Vessel Name:GAUALOFA
Vessel ID: 580000044
Vessel Type: Coastal vessel
Tonnage: 41 gross
Owner: O F Nelson & Company Limited
Built: 1937
Builder: Charles Bailey & Son, Auckland
Region Built: Auckland
Engine: Oil engine
Date of Fate: 22 Nov 1953
Type of Fate: Wrecked
Place of Fate: South coast of Savai'i Island, near Sala'ihua
Region of Fate: Pacific islands or ocean
Vessel Abstract: Built as WAIRURU for A G Bertram. 1938-1947 worked in Firth of Thames trades. 1947 sold to O F Nelson & Co. Ltd., Apia, Western Samoa, renamed GAUALOFA. [Pages 36, 37, 44]
Significant Date: 1947
Illustration: Good B&W photograph of vessel loading at Waitakaruru, by A A Kirk.

Source: Steamers down the Firth 1966   Pages 1-44 ( Reference ID 800010025 )
Article Title:[Steamers Down the Firth - a Summary]
Article Abstract:A Short History of the Trade from Auckland to Clevedon and Outports, and in particular, of the Clevedon Steam Navigation Company.


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