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Vessel Name:SEA LION
Vessel ID: 553030065
Vessel Type: Launch
Tonnage: 100 gross
Owner: Sea Lion Industries Pty. Limited
Built: 1946
Builder: Macfarlane, Port Adelaide
Engine: Detroit diesel
Vessel Abstract: The article speculates that SEA LION was intended to be MSL 708.
Significant Date: Aug 2005
Illustration: P.144 SEA LION at Wellington - B&W photograph of vessel alongside by M H Pryce.

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2005 Volume 53 Number 3   Pages 144-145 ( Reference ID 53030026 )
Article Title:Nautical News: "Sea Lion"
Article Abstract:The eightyfive-foot private launch SEA LION was advertised for sale at Wellington during March 1995 by her owners, Ian and Christine Macfarlane, of Lower Hutt, Wellington.

Designed to be a general purpose wooden-hull stores lighter for the Royal Australian Navy, the war finished before she was, and after the hull was completed in 1946 she was laid up incompleted at her coincidentally-named builders (Macfarlane) at Port Adelaide. She was acquired in 1956 by the South Australian Department of Marine & Harbours for lighthouse and buoy maintenance duties, and completed in 1958 by her original builders and named Captain W.F. Baddams. As built, the class were 85 feet length overall, 21.9 feet beam and 7.8 feet draught. Loaded displacement was 88.7 tons and gross tonnage about 100. A 170 h.p. Detroit diesel was fitted, and gave a speed of 8.5 knots.

Nine were fully completed between 1943 and 1945. MSL 701 and MSL 702 were completed as diving tenders, and the last vessel fully completed, MSL 707, was sold in 1971. It is thus likely that SEA LION was intended as MSL 708. She was purchased by Sea Lion Industries Pty. Ltd. Of Hobart in 1981, and sailed to Hobart, where she was moored in Victoria Dock until August 1983, then subsequently moved to Lindisfarne Bay, Hobart, where some conversion work to suit her for squid fishing in Bass Strait was done, and she was renamed SEA LION, said to be of 100 gross tonnage. The vessel was leased to four different operators for squid fishing, long-lining and seining in Tasmanian waters.

She was purchased in Hobart in September 1990 by Mr. Ian MacFarlane, for use as a private vessel, and after three months in Hobart and two aborted attempts sailed for Wellington, where she arrived on 15th December 1990, after a voyage of six-and-a-half days. After arrival, she was refitted for use as a private cruiser, with comfortable accommodation for twelve in six cabins. She was used mainly around Wellington Harbour on private cruises for entertaining and was last mentioned in Vol. 43, No 2.

Mr. Ian McFarlane eventually sold her in January 2000 to Mr. Dave Wilson, who carried out much mechanical refurbishment. He sold her in September 2003 to Mr. Garry Steer of Wanganui, who resold her in May 2004 to Mr. Ian McIntosh. She lies berthed across the northern end of Queens Wharf and was still there during August 2005. [Complete article]


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