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Vessel ID: 8829323
IMO/LR No: 8829323
Official No: 853914
Vessel Type: Ferry
Tonnage: 361 gross
Owner: Australia Inbound Pty Limited
Built: 1988
Vessel Abstract: ISLAND NAVIGATOR is marketed as ECO NAVIGATOR.
Significant Date: 2005

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2005 Volume 53 Number 3   Pages 147-148 ( Reference ID 53030031 )
Article Title:Nautical News: "Seacat"; Subritzky Shipping
Article Abstract:We gave details of Subritzky Shipping’s new ferry SEACAT (573 gross tonnage, built 2004) in Vol. 52, Nos.3 and 4. Now operated by Sealink New Zealand Ltd., Auckland, SEACAT suffered some propeller damage on 25th June 2005 in bad weather at Kennedy Point Wharf, Waiheke Island. In heavy rain and gale-force winds, gusting to fifty knots, a decision was made prior to sailing from Waiheke Island that she would be worked to windward using her engines, but if this was unsuccessful, then she would be put back alongside and sailing would be deferred until the weather moderated. The manoeuvre was successful, but on clearing the breakwater and meeting the full force of wind and sea, a rapid decision was made to return, and this could only be done by going stern-first back to the ramp that she had just left. This manoeuvre again succeeded, but some of her four propellers came into contact with the concrete ramp and were damaged. She arrived at Whangarei on 30th June for repairs to three of her propellers.

Former Subritzky Shipping vessels H.A. SUBRITZKY (252 gross, tonnage, built 1983) and PORT KENNEDY (88 gross tonnage, built 1965) were listed as owned by Ryan Shipping Ltd., Auckland in 2005. ISLAND NAVIGATOR (361 gross tonnage, built 1988), trading as "Eco Islander", is registered in the ownership of Australia Inbound Pty. Ltd., Adelaide, is demise chartered to Subritzky Seacare Ltd., Auckland and registered at Auckland.


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