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Vessel ID: 7817103
IMO/LR No: 7817103
Official No: 388473
Owner: Four Seasons Maritime
Built: 1980
Vessel Abstract: SEA ELEGANCE is ex CALIFORNIA STAR, ex MANDOWI, ex WILLOWBANK. 11 Oct 2003 she had a fire off the eastern coast of South Africa. 27 Nov 2003 arrived Singapore in tow with fire damage unrepaired. Dec 2003 sold to Four Seasons Maritime, renamed GOLDEN GATE, and repaired. 25 Mar 2004 recorded as sailing from Onsan.
Significant Date: 25 Mar 2004

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2004 Volume 52 Number 3   Page 147 ( Reference ID 52030035 )
Article Title:Nautical News: "Sea Elegance" Fire
Article Abstract:Oct 2003 the SEA ELEGANCE suffered a fire off the eastern coast of South Africa. She was once well known in New Zealand waters.


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