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Vessel Name:MILOS
Vessel ID: 7356630
IMO/LR No: 7356630
Vessel Type: Bulk carrier
Tonnage: 37,337 gross
Built: 1978
Vessel Abstract: 21 Mar 2004 was in collision with AKSOY TRUVA. Damage to either vessel was not serious and after repairs at Singapore they continued on their voyages.
Significant Date: 21 Mar 2004

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2004 Volume 52 Number 3   Pages 145-146 ( Reference ID 52030030 )
Article Title:Nautical News: "Spirit of Enterprise"
Article Abstract:AKSOY TRUVA was recently involved in a collision with bulk carrier MILOS. The AKSOY TRUVA was known in New Zealand waters as the SPIRIT OF ENTERPRISE.


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