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Vessel ID: 8903117
IMO/LR No: 8903117
Vessel Type: Bulk carrier
Tonnage: 74,364 gross
Built: 1990
Vessel Abstract: 22 Feb 2004 lost engine power approaching Taharoa Terminal. After proceeding 40 miles offshore for extensive tests she was allowed to return, with the tug TUAKANA in attendance. The vessel has been involved in previous incidents off the coast of New Zealand. She is chartered by New Zealand Steel.
Significant Date: 22 Feb 2004

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2004 Volume 52 Number 3   Pages 136-137 ( Reference ID 52030015 )
Article Title:Nautical News: "Taharoa Express"
Article Abstract:Bulk carrier TAHAROA EXPRESS experienced a complete loss of engine power as the pilot was finalising his approach to moor the vessel at the offshore mono-buoy at Taharoa Terminal. By the time the pilot was able to anchor her, she was in the surf zone. Engine power was restored and she was ordered to sea for extensive engine tests.


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