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Vessel Name:RUAHINE
Vessel ID: 1124582
Official No: 124582
Owner: New Zealand Shipping Company
Built: 1909
Builder: William Denny and Brothers, Dumbarton
Date of Fate: 1957
Type of Fate: Broken up
Vessel Abstract: Served N.Z.S. Co. from 1909 to 1949 and was not broken up until 1957.
Significant Date: 1949

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Source: New Zealand Marine News 2002 Volume 50 Number 4   Pages Cover, 192-199 ( Reference ID 5004003 )
Article Title:In the Wake of the "Tofua"
Article Abstract:The article starts by describing the shipping scene on the River Clyde in the 1950s. It moves on the the Union Steam Ship Company, and to William Denny & Brothers of Dumbarton who built many of their ships. Finally, it describes in some detail the TOFUA, her building and her career. Article ends with a bibliography.


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