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Vessel Name:MSC KIWI
Vessel ID: 8614194
IMO/LR No: 8614194
Vessel Type: Container ship
Tonnage: 10,811 gross
Owner: Mediterranean Shipping Company
Built: 1987
Builder: Bremer Vulkan
Vessel Abstract: 1987 built as DORIA. 1988 renamed OCEAN ASIA. 1988 renamed CONTSHIP ASIA. 1991 renamed DORIA. 1994 renamed SEA-LAND MEXICO. 1994 renamed DORIA. 1997 renamed OOCL ADMIRAL. 1998 renamed DORIA. 2000 renamed EVERETT EXPRESS. 2000 renamed OLYMPIA. 2001 renamed MSC KIWI. 22 Feb 2001 replaced MSC NEW ZEALAND on the trans-Tasman "Butterfly" service.
Significant Date: 22 Feb 2001
Illustration: B&W photograph of vessel as MSC KIWI by Alan Calvert

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Source: New Zealand Marine News 2001 Volume 50 Number 1   Page 40 ( Reference ID 5001024 )
Article Title:Nautical News: "MSC New Zealand" and "MSC Kiwi"
Article Abstract:Change of vessel on trans-Tasman "Butterfly" service. A call at New Plymouth has been added to this service, starting 7 Mar 2001.


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