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Vessel ID: 7627950
IMO/LR No: 7627950
Vessel Type: RoRo ship
Tonnage: 6,862 gross
Owner: Norfolk Line
Built: 1977
Builder: Ishikawajima Ship and Chemical Plant Company Limited, Tokyo
Engine: Twin Pielstick diesels
Vessel Abstract: 1977 built as ADMIRAL CARIBE for K/S Admiral Shipping, Norway. 1982 sold to CGM, France, renamed SAINT REMY. 1986 sold to Norfolk Line renamed DUKE OF ANGLIA. 11989 transferred to Kent Line. 1990 renamed MAERSK ANGLIA. 2000 renamed MAERSK KENT. Mar 2001 renamed KENT. 7 Apr 2001 sailed from Falmouth for Panama and Wellington. 15 May 2001 entered service between Wellington and Picton.
Significant Date: 1986
Illustration: B&W photograph of vessel as KENT by M.H. Pryce.

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Source: New Zealand Marine News 2001 Volume 50 Number 1   Pages 26-28 ( Reference ID 5001006 )
Article Title:Nautical News: Strait Shipping's "Kent"
Article Abstract:The KENT has started service for Strait Shipping across the Cook Strait.


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