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Vessel ID: 549030147
Vessel Type: Tanker
Tonnage: 12,617
Owner: Westfal-Larson & Company
Built: 1958
Vessel Abstract: 1969 the Hudson Steamship Co. purchased the tanker SPINANGER from Westfal-Larson & Co., Norway, and renamed her HUDSON TRADER. 1973 she was sold to Andros Trading Ltd and rename KONSTANTINOS G. CHIMPLES
Significant Date: 1969

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2000 Volume 49 Number 3   Pages 147-149 ( Reference ID 4903038 )
Article Title:Nautical News: R.F.A. "Bayleaf"
Article Abstract:Describes the visit to Wellington of the R.F.A. BAYLEAF, followed by a detailed history of the vessel and associated vessels.


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