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Vessel ID: 549020187
Vessel Type: Ferry
Tonnage: 281 gross
Owner: Fullers Corporation Limited
Built: 1987
Builder: North Queensland Engineers and Agents Proprietary, Cairns
Vessel Abstract: 1987 built for Fullers Auckland-based services. 1988 sold to Australian buyers. 1996 renamed DIAMOND 2. 1997 renamed BERLIAN 6 by Auto Express Pte. Limited. Aluminium hull catamaran ferry.
Significant Date: 1988

Source: New Zealand Marine News 2000 Volume 49 Number 2   Pages 90-95 ( Reference ID 4902039 )
Article Title:Nautical News: Fullers Group Auckland Ferries
Article Abstract:A detailed history of the Auckland based Fullers Group with information on their ferries and the routes on which they operate.


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