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Vessel Name:TE WHAKA
Vessel ID: 5356856
IMO/LR No: 5356856
Official No: 76082
Vessel Type: Dredge
Tonnage: 324 gross
Owner: Lyttelton Harbour Board
Built: 1909
Builder: Ferguson Brothers, Port Glasgow
Engine: Steam - compound 300i.h.p engine
Vessel Abstract: 2 Sep 1910 arrived Lyttelton at the end of a difficult delivery voyage. Built as a dredge for Lyttelton Harbour but also equipped for towing when LYTTELTON was not available. 1919 chartered to deepen berths at Nelson. 1928 she had steam steering geer fitted (from whale chaser STAR III). 1948 fitted with electric light and extra cabins built forward for a trip to Wanganui. Aug 1965 boiler was replaced with one from Greymouth Harbour Board's tug KUMEA. Dec 1965 new Priestman crane fitted. 1987 laid up
Significant Date: 1987
Illustration: P.43 good pencil drawing of vessel by Bill Huntley. P.46 B&W photographs salvaging KIA ORA from Bill Le Warne Collection. P.48 TE WHAKA and RAPAKI in Lyttelton Graving Dock from Lyttelton Museum Collection. P.50 view from crane jib showing her new Priestman diesel grab, from Bill Le Warne Collection.

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1994 Volume 43 Number 1   Pages 33-35, 42-50 ( Reference ID 43010006 )
Article Title:Rarely a Dull Moment - The Story of the Lyttelton Steam Dredge "Te Whaka"
Article Abstract:A detailed article on the 1910 Lyttelton dredge TE WHAKA, which also covers much of the history of dredging in the port of Lyttelton.


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