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Vessel ID: 500500586
Vessel Type: Sailing ship
Date of Fate: 1875
Type of Fate: Wrecked
Place of Fate: Crozet Islands
Region of Fate: Rest of world
Vessel Abstract: New Zealand emigrant ship. 1875 ran ashore on Crozet Islands in Southern Ocean. 44 passengers and crew lost before survivors were rescued by a passing ship
Significant Date: 1875

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1988 Volume 38 Number 3   Pages Cover, 88 - 103 ( Reference ID 38030002 )
Article Title:Migrant Ships of the 19th Century
Article Abstract:A major article which goes well beyond covering the ships and companies involved. It describes conditions on board the vessels and how the trade and vessels evolved from the earliest days through to the end of emigration by sea in the 1970s. The main routes used are covered. Major disasters are mentioned, but the main picture is of vessels that were well built, well maintained and well run.


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