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Vessel Name:ALASTOR
Vessel ID: 10069930
Official No: 69930
Vessel Type: Barque
Tonnage: 873 gross
Built: 1875
Builder: Mounsey & Foster, Sunderland
Date of Fate: 1952
Type of Fate: Broken up
Region of Fate: Rest of world
Vessel Abstract: Built for R H Penney of Shoreham. 1877 to 1890 made 10 voyages to New Zealand under charter to Shaw Savill & Co.. C1894 sold to Norwegian ownership. 1928 came under the Finnish flag. 1939 arrived Millwall Dock with timber from Sweden. [Then laid up in River Blackwater, Essex. After the War she was converted to a floating restaurant at Ramsgate.]
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Illustration: Page: 110 B&W photograph of ALASTOR in Millwall Dock, London, 1939

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1987 Volume 37 Number 3 ( Reference ID 3703200 )
Article Title:[List of vessel images for this volume]


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