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Vessel Name:ADDERLEY
Vessel ID: 519040023
Vessel Type: Hulk
Owner: Union Steam Ship Company
Date of Fate: 1947
Type of Fate: Dismantled
Region of Fate: Wellington region
Vessel Abstract: Converted to an oil hulk about 1921 at Wellington.Dismantled in 1947 and hulk scuttled off Turakirae Head, Cook Strait 28 November 1947

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1968 Volume 19 Number 4   Pages 105 - 108 ( Reference ID 1904003 )
Article Title:Ugly but Essential . . Some New Zealand-built Oil Barges
Article Abstract:The change to oil from coal as fuel for passenger ships in the 1920s meant that the Union company converted several old ships into oil hulks. By 1935 these were inadequate and new oil barges were constructed for both Wellington and Auckland and later for the Navy. Details of construction, size, capacity, location and history are given


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