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Vessel ID: 500117317
Vessel Type: Frigate
Owner: Royal New Zealand Navy
Built: 1963
Launched: 1963
Vessel Abstract: Latest ship to be built for the New Zealand Navy. A Leander class frigate

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1966-67 Volume 18 Number 3   Page 94 ( Reference ID 1803015 )
Article Title:For the Record: Naval vessels.
Article Abstract:HMNZS WAIKATO was commissioned at Belfast 16 September 1966, and proceeded to Portsmouth under Captain S F Mercer for working up. She is a Leander class frigate, sister ship to HMS AJAX. which visited New Zealand during September. Another visitor during September was the carrier HMAS MELBOURNE accompanied by the destroyer VENDETTA and the tanker HMAS SUPPLY. Collision between the carrier and VOYAGER off Jervis Bay three years ago is mentioned. [Near full extraction]


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