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Vessel ID: 5359042
IMO/LR No: 5359042
Official No: 187269
Vessel Type: Cargo ship
Tonnage: 7,919
Owner: Allan Black & Co
Built: 1960
Builder: J L Thompson & Sons, Sunderland
Engine: 4400 bhp Doxford diesel
Vessel Abstract: Last ship built for Sunderland tramp fleet of Allan Black & Company, as the THISTLEROY. 1966 sold to Somerton Shipping Company, Bermudian subsidiary of Chapman & Willan, and renamed INGLETON. 11 Jun 1966 visited Auckland.
Significant Date: 11 Jun 1966

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1966 Volume 18 Number 2   Pages 60-61 ( Reference ID 1802015 )
Article Title:Port News: Auckland. New Arrivals.
Article Abstract:Reports on eight arrivals, HAR RAMON, CAPE DALEMOS, SISTENA, INGLETON, IRON WHYALLA, TAUPO, STERNO, GOLDEN CREST. Details are given as to ownership, builder, cargo, service speed, propulsion, tonnage, dimensions, cargo handling machinery, cargo capacity, history - changes of ownership and name, crew numbers,


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