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Vessel Name:MAKURA
Vessel ID: 1127802
Official No: 127802
Vessel Type: Steamship
Tonnage: 8,075 gross
Owner: Union Steam Ship Company
Built: 1908
Builder: Alexander Stephen & Sons Ltd, Glasgow
Launched: July 14, 1908
Where Launched: Glasgow
Engine: Steam - twin screw quadruple expansion
Date of Fate: 1937
Type of Fate: Broken up
Region of Fate: Rest of world
Vessel Abstract: For 28 years worked the Pacific routes of the Union Company linking Auckland, Sydney, Suva, Honolulu, Vancouver or Wellington, Sydney, Rarotonga, Tahiti, San Francisco. Taken out of service December 1936. 215 first class, 166 second class and 98 third class passengers. Crew 159. Service speed 16.5 knots. Coal fired, converted to oil in 1920.
Illustration: Good b&w underway a beam. Photo from U.S.S.Co. of N.Z. Ltd.

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Source: New Zealand Marine News 1966 Volume 18 Number 2   Pages 36-40 ( Reference ID 1802001 )
Article Title:Union Steam Ship Company Passenger Liners (2) R.M.S. MAKURA
Article Abstract:The article is built around details of the R.M.S. MAKURA and her part in the Sydney to Vancouver service via Brisbane, Honolulu and Victoria and later Suva and Auckland. This "All Red Route" as it was known provided the final link in the round the world connections between British colonies. For this a new ship was needed and the MAKURA was purpose built. Article includes details of - appearance of the vessel; tonnages; engines and propellors; holds and storerooms; accommodation; ships complement; trials, internal arrangements; voyage out from London to Sydney. Entered service November 23, 1908. MAKURA was withdrawn when she arrived in Wellington in December 1936. . On January 27, 1937 MAKURA left Wellington for the last time on route to Shanghai where she had been sold for breaking up.


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