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Vessel ID: 517040153
Vessel Type: Cargo ship
Owner: Societe Maritime Caledonien
Built: 1945
Where Built: Glenorchy, Hobart
Launched: 18 Jul 1945
Date of Fate: 27 Nov 1965
Type of Fate: Sank or foundered
Region of Fate: Australia
Vessel Abstract: Built as TARRA. Worked in New Guinea waters as AV1379. 1965 was recently sold to Captain Savoie's line. 27 Nov 1965 as MILOS DEL MAR II sank off North Coast of N.S.W. Crew rescued by Norwegian bulk carrier BEATRICE. The article does not make it clear if this vessel was named MILOS DEL MAR or MILOS DEL MAR II.
Significant Date: 1965

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1966 Volume 17 Number 4   Page 125 ( Reference ID 1704124 )
Article Title:Port News: Sydney 11. MILOS DEL MAR
Article Abstract:French island trader MILOS DEL MAR II was wrecked off N.S.W. Nov 1965. Her Captain, Emile Savoie, was well known in New Zealand as purchaser of several coastal ships. The article gives details of the wreck of MILOS DEL MAR and also the former HOLMBURN which had been bought by Captain Savoie and was wrecked on Middleton Reef in 1954.


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