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Vessel Name:IONIC
Vessel ID: 500200337
Vessel Type: Passenger cargo
Owner: Shaw Savill & Albion
Vessel Abstract: 1932 passenger accommodation was altered to become tourist class only. No further information.
Significant Date: 1932

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1964-65 Volume 16 Number 3   Pages 78-86 ( Reference ID 1603011 )
Article Title:The Name through the years - XX: "TAINUI"
Article Abstract:Detailed history of a number of vessels named TAINUI, varying from Auckland harbour ferries to Shaw Savill liners. Tainui is a Maori tribal name, and also the name of one of the canoes of the Great Migration of 1350, which was the first recorded vessel to enter the Waitemata Harbour.


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