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Vessel ID: 516010040
Vessel Type: Refrigerated ship
Tonnage: 10,511 gross 11,230 dwt
Owner: Ellerman Lines
Builder: Barclay Curle & Company Limited.
Engine: Diesel - Sulzer 9 R.D. 14,200 bhp. Single screw.
Vessel Abstract: 510 ft 7in x 67ft x 30ft. Capacity 307,260 cu. Ft unrefrigerated and 236,900 cu. Ft refrigerated. 18 knots (19.6 on trials)
Significant Date: 1964
Illustration: B&W photograph from starboard quarter of the vessel in Wellington Harbour, by K.O. Magnussen.

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1964 Volume 16 Number 1   Pages 22-25 ( Reference ID 1601011 )
Article Title:m.v. CITY OF ADELAIDE
Article Abstract:Detailed description of the Ellerman Lines CITY OF ADELAIDE, recently introduced to the New Zealand trade.


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