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Vessel Name:NO. 169
Vessel ID: 515020151
Vessel Type: Torpedo Boat
Tonnage: 12 displacement
Owner: New Zealand Government
Builder: Thornycroft & Co., Cheswick [sic]
Engine: Steam - compound condensing. 170 hp.
Type of Fate: Broken up
Vessel Abstract: Second Class Thornycroft Torpedo Boat arrived Port Chalmers 9May1884 as deck cargo on board sailing ship LYTTELTON. Sent to Lyttelton. 63ft long, 7ft 6in beam. Armed with spar torpedo and Nordenfelt gun. 17 knots. After broken up, engines were handed over to the School of Engineering at Canterbury Univesity.

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1963 Volume 15 Number 2   Page 27 ( Reference ID 1502020 )
Article Title:Questions and Comments: N.Z. Torpedo Boats
Article Abstract:Letters discussing the defence system of Lyttelton during the Russian scare of the 1880s, and the Torpedo Boats that were used at the time. Includes details of the 4 torpedo boats ordered from Britain.


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