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Vessel ID: 515010073
Vessel Type: Steamship
Tonnage: 3,658 gross
Owner: Ministry of War Transport (British)
Built: 1945
Builder: Wm. Gray & Co., West Hartlepool
Engine: Triple expsnsion by Central Marine Engine Works.
Vessel Abstract: 1945 built for British Ministry of War Transport as EMPIRE CAICOS. 1950 sold to Tate & Lyle Ltd renamed SUGAR TRANSPORTER. 1957 sold to James Patterson & Co. from Melbourne and renamed PATTAWILYA. 1961 her owners became McIlwraith McEacharn. 1962 sold to John Manners & Co. Registered Hong Kong. 328ft x 46ft 6in x 20ft 10in. 10 knots. Had called Auckland when EMPIRE CAICOS. Called Auckland 14 June 1963.
Significant Date: 14 Jun 1963

Source: New Zealand Marine News 1963 Volume 15 Number 1   Pages 26 - 28 ( Reference ID 1501031 )
Article Title:Port News: Auckland
Article Abstract:Arrivals at the Port of Auckland - describes various recent visitors, their design, details and trades.


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