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1WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 1076932  ON: 76932
Details:Sailing ship Built: 1874-1876
Owner:New Zealand Shipping Company
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1988 Vol. 38 No. 3   Pages Cover, 88 - 103
Title:Migrant Ships of the 19th Century
Link:Maritime History Archive Crew Lists
2WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 1121388  ON: 121388
Details:Hulk Built: 1903 built Tonnage: 351 gross
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company Limited
Source:Northern Steam Ship Company Exhibition 2001
Title:Northern Steam Ship Company - the Fleet.
3WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 1121388  ON: 121388
Owner:Northern Steam Ship Company
Source:Northern Steam Ship Company scrapbook 1922- 1933 Vol. 1
Title:Asleep at the wheel. Cause of ferry mishap. Ferry boat strikes hulk.
4WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 5385998  LR/IMO: 5385998
Details:Dredge Built: 1948
Owner:Wanganui Harbour Board
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1949 Vol. 1 No. 6   Pages 95-120
Title:[List of vessel images for this volume]
5WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 5385998  LR/IMO: 5385998
Owner:Wanganui Harbour Board
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1985 Vol. 35 No. 3   Page 107
Title:For the Record: "Wanganui"
6WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 5385998  LR/IMO: 5385998
Details:Dredge Tonnage: 252 gross
Owner:Graham Winslow
Source:New Zealand Marine News 2003 Vol. 51 No. 2   Page 89
Title:Nautical News: "Wanganui"
7WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 5385998  LR/IMO: 5385998
Details:Dredge Built: 1950 Tonnage: 253 gross
Owner:Wanganui Harbour Board
Source:New Zealand Ships Illustrated 1988-89   Pages 80-142
Title:Part 2 Tugs and Harbour Craft
8WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 549040139
Details:Pilot boat Built: 1970
Owner:Ocean Terminals Limited
Source:New Zealand Marine News 2000 Vol. 49 No. 4   Pages 202-203
Title:Nautical News: Wanganui
9WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 588880491
Details:Barquentine Built: 1903
Source:The benzine era 1993
Title:[Images of vessels from the book 'The benzine era.']
10WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 588880976
Details:Sailing ship Built: 1877 Tonnage: 1,136 gross
Owner:New Zealand Shipping Company
Source:The sailing ships of the NZ Shipping Co 1873-1900. 1972
Title:[Vessels' & persons' images in 'The sailing ships of the New Zealand Shipping Company 1873 - 1900]
11WANGANUI   Vessel ID: 588881806
Details:Sailing ship
Source:In the wake of Endeavour. 1973
Title:[Images of vessels from 'In the wake of ENDEAVOUR.']

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