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1RUAWAI   Vessel ID: 500500879
Source:Tall Spars, Steamers & Gum
Title:[Images of ships from 'Tall Spars, Steamers & Gum']
2RUAWAI   Vessel ID: 515020116
Owner:Kaipara Steam Ship Company
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1963 Vol. 15 No. 2   Pages 19 - 21
Title:Forgotten Houseflags
3RUAWAI   Vessel ID: 599970041
Details:Steamship Built: c1915 Tonnage: 291 gross
Source:[Annual report. NZ Marine Department. AJHR] 1916   Pages H.15, 4 - 8
Title:[General statement of the 1916 Annual Report of the Marine Department]

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