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1RODNEY   Vessel ID: 1068905  ON: 68905
Source:Fresh about Cook Strait : an appreciation of Wellington Harbour 1984
Title:[Vessel illustrations from 'Fresh about Cook Strait : an appreciation of Wellington Harbour']
Link:Maritime History Archive Crew Lists
2RODNEY   Vessel ID: 500120719
Details:Bulk carrier Built: 1976 Tonnage: 16,646 gross
Source:Auckland Shipping Movements
Title:Port of Auckland - ship arrivals and departures
3RODNEY   Vessel ID: 550030015
Source:New Zealand Marine News 2002 Vol. 50 No. 3   Pages 109-121
Title:Chatham Islands Shipping
4RODNEY   Vessel ID: 588880514
Details:Sailing ship Tonnage: 1,447 gross
Source:Sail to New Zealand 1986
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Sail to New Zealand']
5RODNEY   Vessel ID: 599990158
Details: Built: c1873
Source:Sunderland echo 1949
Title:The end of the Pile tradition.

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