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1RED JACKET   Vessel ID: 1098418  ON: 98418
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1994 Vol. 43 No. 1   Pages 15-24
Title:The Name through the Years 36: "Lyttelton"
2RED JACKET   Vessel ID: 580020069
Details:Clipper Built: 1853
Source:Model Shipwright 1978 No. 23   Pages 3-7; 10-15; 24-29; 43-49; 50-5
Title:[List of illustrations]
3RED JACKET   Vessel ID: 580050066
Details:Yacht Built: c1865
Source:Bearings 1991 Vol. 3 No. 4   Pages 5-11
Title:The PET: Chas Bailey Snrs ram-bowed 'Crack'.
4RED JACKET   Vessel ID: 588882008
Details:Square-rigged ship
Source:Pacific square-riggers
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Pacific square-riggers.']
5RED JACKET   Vessel ID: 588882143
Source:Southern breeze. A history of yachting in New Zealand. 1999
Title:[Images of named persons and vessels from 'Southern breeze. A history of yachting in New Zealand.']

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