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1RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 512000144
Source:Boating New Zealand 2000 No. 169   Pages 58 - 60
Title:Vintage viewpoint : Wilkie the original Mr Yachting Part 4 - Bastion Point and the final years
2RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 512000210
Owner:Hay, Don
Source:Boating New Zealand 2000 No. 171   Pages 61 - 63
Title:Vintage viewpoint : the Hays of Pigeon Bay and their Bailey launches, part II
3RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 512010038
Owner:Macky, J C
Source:Boating New Zealand 2001 No. 174   Pages 74 - 76
Title:Vintage viewpoint : Mercia, Laurel and the great Native Regatta of 1898, part 1.
4RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 588880225
Details:Yacht Built: 1898
Source:Little ships 1944
Title:[Images of NZ yachts to 1940 from 'Little ships']
5RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 588880361
Details:Yacht Built: 1898
Source:The Logans 2001
Title:[Images of named persons and vessels from 'The Logans.']
6RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 588880567
Details:Steamer Built: 1838 Tonnage: 400
Source:History of ships 1978
Title:[Images of vessels from the work 'History of Ships.']
7RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 588881252
Details:Paddle steamer
Source:Early New Zealand steamers
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Early New Zealand steamers.']
8RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 588882160
Details:Yacht Built: 1898
Source:Southern breeze. A history of yachting in New Zealand. 1999
Title:[Images of named persons and vessels from 'Southern breeze. A history of yachting in New Zealand.']
9RAINBOW   Vessel ID: 599930028
Details:Ketch Built: 1891
Source:Saltwater in her hair. 2001
Title:Saltwater in her hair.

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