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1RAHIRI   Vessel ID: 518030025
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1966-67 Vol. 18 No. 3   Pages 68 - 73
Title:The Scow
2RAHIRI   Vessel ID: 530020057
Owner:D & E Waters
Source:New Zealand Marine News 1980 Vol. 30 No. 2   Page 85
Title:For the Record: "Rahiri"
3RAHIRI   Vessel ID: 588880170
Source:Out of Auckland 1960
Title:[Vessel images in 'Out of Auckland']
4RAHIRI   Vessel ID: 588880451
Source:New Zealand memories No. 9
Title:[Images of vessels from Issue 9 of 'New Zealand Memories']
5RAHIRI   Vessel ID: 588882609
Details:Mullet boat Built: 1913
Source:Mullet boats 'n quotes : a unique insight into an icon of New Zealand sailing craft. 2000
Title:[Selected illustrations, vessel histories, & biographical material from 'Mullet boats 'n quotes']

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