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1ADA IREDALE   Vessel ID: 1105916  ON: 105916
Details:Barque Built: 1872
Source:Matson's century of ships
Title:[Vessel illustrations from 'Matson's century of ships']
Link:Maritime History Archive Crew Lists
2AIREDALE   Vessel ID: 1020475  ON: 20475
Source:Wreck book
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Rediscovered NZ shipwrecks. The wreck book.]
Link:Maritime History Archive Crew Lists
3AIREDALE   Vessel ID: 1020475  ON: 20475
Source:New Zealand shipwrecks. 195 years of disaster at sea. 1990
Title:[Images of vessels from 'New Zealand shipwrecks. 195 years of disaster at sea.']
4AIREDALE   Vessel ID: 500501072
Owner:Intercolonial Royal Mail Company
Source:New Zealand's Maritime Heritage 1987   Pages 54-58
Title:Smoke on the Horizon
5AIREDALE   Vessel ID: 588881224
Source:Early New Zealand steamers
Title:[Images of vessels from 'Early New Zealand steamers.']

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