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Source: [Unidentified source on George Dibbern]
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Title: The Story of George Dibbern's "QUEST"
Abstract: The 2 published pages of unknown source include a news release dated March 30 1958 about George Dibbern's having recently wrecked his yacht TE RAPUNGA in New Zealand and being at the time of the announcement in Greymouth. It also includes an advertisement by Dibbern to sell a small island off the coast of Tasmania and a copy of the home-made passport he used during his voyages. The second page is a reprint of a review of his book "QUEST" which originally appeared in Circle Magazine 8 July 1946 and later formed part of a folder written and circulated by Henry Miller of Big Sur, California, an admirer of Dibbern's work. The 2 latter pages are the text of an email from Walter & Erika Grundmann relating to research into the life of Dibbern for a proposed biography, and giving some details of his life in New Zealand before World War 1 and then his experiences after his return in the 1930's through to his death in 1962. Includes the names of members of his crew on certain occasions, including the all-women crew of the 1954 Trans Tasman Race
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