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Name: Bern, Benjamin
Flourished: 1874 - 1879
Role: Master
Abstract: Master of the of the brigantine SEA GULL (36661) in 1874; the fore and aft schooner KESTREL (57499) in 1876; and the ketch HUON BELLE (32131) in 1879. The 'Watt Index' should be consulted for fuller details.

Source: Index to the NZ section of the register..1840-1950 Volume 5   Pages 177-193
Title:[Masters listed in 'Watt Index']
Article Abstract:From a list of Masters of vessels appearing in the 'Index to the New Zealand Section of the Register of All British Ships 1840 - 1950' inclusive, otherwise know as the 'Watt Index'. Entries in the 'Watt Index' give a description and history of each listed vessel. Events such as marine accidents or the loss of a vessel usually include the master's name. It is possible therefore to trace particular events in the career of a master through the histories of one or more such vessels. Preliminary entries extracted here have only the master's last name and initial, indicating that there is something on them in the source index. Completed ones also note the vessel name, official number and the year. Fuller information may be obtained by consulting the vessels section of the 'Watt Index', and thereafter, other sources such as newspapers, if relevant. (List includes the following names: Apera Pukenui, Hami Teira, K W Kanerara, A Moko Moko, H Ngaru, H Ngapaki, A Paora, M W Pirihi, and J W Temarama.)

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