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Name: Batham, Elizabeth Joan (Betty)
Born: 1917
Died: 1974
Role: Scientist
Abstract: Gives details of Batham's career and research interests, up to her disappearance while scuba diving in 1974. She was for many years the Director of what is now the Portobello Marine Biological Station. Particularly discusses the struggles she had with lack of resources at Portobello in the early days of her work there, and mentions the prejudice she encountered from male colleagues.
Portrait: Three small b & w photos of Batham. One is a formal portrait and the other two are informal 'snapshots' showing her at work examining marine specimens.

Source: New Zealand scientists: pioneer women..trends in their lives and their science 1989   Pages 1-7, 30
Title:Elizabeth Joan (Betty) Batham (1917-1974) Pioneer of marine bioglogy in New Zealand
Article Abstract:Describes the scientific career of marine bioglogist Elizabeth Batham.

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